When in London do as the Londoners do; or just follow the international hip crowd and mix and mingle at Soho House in Shoreditch for a day and night of pleasure and fun. Soho House’s rapid success has shown in its expansion of offshoots all over the world, recently adding Istanbul and Barcelona to its rooster of locations and adding separate projects in the field of gastronomy to its portfolio. What started as a home for individuals working in the creative fields in London in 1995, is now an empire offering creatives a home in the hip cities across the globe.

The place to be in East

Shoredtich House is located in a converted warehouse in London Shoreditch, an overly-gentrified and hip microcosm out East. Stunning laid back interiors are what make Shoreditch house a haven to relax, meet people and generally have a good time 24 hours a day. Freelancers and independent creatives also use the space as their own office with the benefit of a good atmosphere and full on catering, offering an ideal place for meetings and easy transition from work to after drinks, dinner and full on partying in a the school room and lounge themed club space. Sunlovers can lounge at the sundeck and pool on the top floor and enjoy American-Italian fusion cuisines on the rooftop restaurant. The atmosphere is overly relaxed, no bankers or corporates are particularly welcomed, so you will never see anyone sporting a suit and tie, even though its proximity to the financial city district. For those who cant bear to leave, there are 26 rooms on offer which should be hard to grab given the popularity of the place.

How to enter…

The only glitch is for those interested is that it is a member club. Prospective members must be recommended by two already existing members. However once accepted, the membership provides access to all Soho Houses internationally. Members are also allowed to bring +2 friends on advanced announcement for a daily visit to the club spaces, be it the restaurants, bars, gym and pool or the cowshed spa. There is also a monthly event calendar hosting guest speakers and lectures across all creative fields. So if you are lucky enough to know a member you might be able to visit.

Shoreditch House

Ebor Street, London E16AW, United Kingdom

Tel.: +44 (0) 20 7739 5040

As a members club and hotel, Shoreditch House is not open to non-members or non-hotel guests.


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