Rick Owens has earned fortune and fame since launching his clothing brand in 1994 Los Angeles, however only few are aware of his sophisticated furniture line that usually land in the hand of discerned collectors.

Fashion evangelist and furniture designer

Owens venture into the world of furniture began in 2007 when the designer and his life partner Michelle Lamy designed and produced their own design for a marital bed. By that time his successful clothing brand had already turned into somewhat of a Parisian Maison and had assembled a infamous tribe of loyal followers who worship his exuberant spectacle shows, where models dance and carry each other upside down. Lamy is not only a driving force behind the RIck Ownes brand but fully in charge of the execution of the furniture. The process starts with Owens sketching his ideas on paper, later the couple craft a small scale paper model at their home. Their dealers source the materials needed worldwide and upon arrival Lamy oversees production by a group of talented craftspeople. Owens original vision was a rock beside a fire in a cave. Now the furniture line includes chairs, benches, tables and daybeds, all of them one of a kind objects. They all reflect his signature luxe minimalism style with a goth note. The sculptural but primal pieces are inspires by the likes of modernism, brutalism, minimalism, avant-garde dance and even World War II bunkers on the coast of French Normandy.

Signature materials that earned acclaim

His prime materials are marble, alabaster, bronze, ox bone, leather, moose antler, concrete and plywood. The bed he designed for himself and Lamy is made from two ton alabaster pieces.

Owens has also experimented with foam and rock crystal giving his designs a contrast between the soft and hard. The predominant colors of his furniture are dark grey hues, black and brown, merged in organic shapes that given their rough appearance nonetheless have warmth to them.

Some of the pieces has also been on display at the MOCA in Los Angeles, where they were combined with artworks from late American contemporary artists such as Steven Parrino.

Even though each item of Rick Owens furniture comes with a numbing price tag, there is a steady demand from appreciating collectors world wide. Owens himself says that it is his wish for his designs to be monumental and outlive himself. When it comes to the brutal and archaic design he claims comfort is not key, and that he does use pillows.

Rick Owens Furniture

Available at selected retailers.

Carpenters Workshop Gallery

3 Albermarle Street

UK – W1S4HE London

Tel.: +44 20 3051 5939

Pierre Marie Giraud

7 Rue de Praetere

BE – 1050 Brussels

Tel.: +32 2 503 0351

Salon 94

12 East 94th Street

US – NY 10128 New York

Tel.: +1 646 672 9212




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